Saturday, July 24, 2010

On Faux News North (AKA SunTV)

Says it all ...


Anonymous said...

That video should be mandatory bedtime watching by Ignatieff. Maybe something will sink in.

Anonymous said...

The opposite of this would the the CBC. But of course we still have to pay for the CBC, whereas we don't have to pay for Faux Fox News North.

MgS said...

@Anonymous 12:30:

Obviously you have no awareness of the mandate of the CBC. Unlike other broadcasters they are required to provide service into areas where that service would not otherwise be available because businesses won't find it profitable enough.

As for SunTV ... they're asking to be put on the same playing field as other national, non-broadcast players - which means we're paying for them by way of cable fees. (The exception there is that at least I have the option not to purchase cable TV at all - but since most Canadians do, there isn't a lot of difference).

Lastly, CBC's television presence is funded by advertising ... or hadn't you figured that out yet?

Anonymous said...

CBC actually receives in excess of $1 billion a year in taxpayer subsidy. Criminal.

Or hadn't you figured that out yet?

MgS said...

I'm quite aware of what CBC's funding is.

Further, you are conveniently ignoring that the CBC's radio services do not take advertising at all.

You might have a very different perspective on that money if you lived in one of those areas where big broadcasters have deemed it "impractical" to provide service.

Veronica said...

As long as the CBC continues to do what it does, I will never have a problem with my tax money going there.

As for this video, I think I have to share it. Wow.

Anonymous said...

In 2010 there are more options available worldwide for radio, television, etc. When the CBC started funding the radio and TV decades ago, there was maybe 1 or 2 channels available in remote areas, so that was a good argument then. But not today - it's simply a waste of our tax dollars.

CBC radio should take advertising and operate on a break even basis and stop wasting our tax dollars. Fox doesn't ask for these funds and neither should the CBC.

MgS said...

Yes there are more options today. Few of them are Canadian. Of course, that seldom seems to bother today's "conservatives" who are in such a hurry to emulate everything that our neighbors to the south do.

Some of us actually see value in having a national broadcaster whose role involves all of Canada.

It's too bad you can't understand the value in such endeavors ... but that's the difference between understanding what statecraft is about and governing by ideology.