Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Lengths Some Bigots Will Go To

Wow, when I first heard about Constance McMillan being told she couldn't bring her girlfriend to the school prom, I imagined that not much was going to happen except the school cancelling the prom.

It's a stupid, childish approach to a non-problem. A couple at the prom is a couple - whether male/female, male/male or female/female, or trans come to that.

Then there is the fake prom that they put together. This is truly offensive - not just on the part of the school administration, but a group of the parents as well.

This meant a serious amount of collusion on the part so many people - all of whom should have known that what they were doing was morally repugnant. Lies upon lies upon lies ... and these people want to stand in judgment over a young couple who had the honesty and spine to tell others about their plans.

That's some moral high ground isn't it?

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VĂ©ronique said...

It was the worst kind of high school bullying, perpetrated by parents, students, and the school. I have to hope that at least one of those people is ashamed of what they did. I might hope in vain. It's beyond disgusting.