Friday, January 08, 2010

The G&M Points Out What I've Said For Years

... ever since Harper was first elected, actually:

If a leader in such a strong position feels such a strong need to obtain a majority, it must be that he somehow still feels constrained by his minority situation. It must be that Mr. Harper wishes to do something that he knows would be intolerable even to such a weak opponent as Mr. Ignatieff.

Unlike Mr. Gobeil, I'm pretty sure I know what Mr. Harper wants to do to Canada - and it isn't pretty.

Harper still has to satisfy the squirming wingnuts that he's really their brand of conservative - which means if you are either female, or you belong to a minority that the wingnuts despise, you can expect things to change dramatically.

As for fiscally, remember that Harper is in bed with Bush II-styled NeoCons. Expect him to go after choking Canada's government as hard as he can.

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