Wednesday, June 10, 2009

But...But...Teh Librulz!

It never gets old for the Harperettes it seems. Every problem they encounter as a government is automatically the fault of the Liberals.

The Conservatives also went on the attack Wednesday, charging that the Liberals knew the Chalk River reactor was near-death while they were in power.

Of course, let's just ignore that the Con$ have been at the helm since 2006 now, and have had plenty of time to actually remedy the situation.

Instead of remedying things by actually showing some kind of long range planning, Harper takes the following action:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says that Canada will be getting out of the medical isotope business.

Canada produces at least one-third of the world's medical isotopes, which are used in cancer and heart scans, at the aging Chalk River facility.

Brilliant thinking there, Steve. Take Canada from a leading role in the world further into the dark ages. Medical applications of radioactive isotopes are among the few peaceful uses of nuclear technology - and one of the most beneficial in the world.

While the Con$ criticize the Liberals over AECL funding and the MAPLE reactor program, it's equally important to recognize that the MAPLE program has its roots in the late 1980s - when AECL had acknowledged a need to replace the NRU reactor. Remember who was in power then?

However, the point isn't about the political stripe of who was in power. The fact is that there was a plan in progress to replace the NRU reactor. Someone was looking forward.

In Harper, we have a Prime Minister who is driving forward while staring in the rear view mirror.

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Anonymous said...

I've got the solution!

Sell Atomic Energy Canada to Homer Simpson for $1.00 ... He'll be more competent than Harper and his gang.

Seriously... who the f... is running this country?

Pissed off in Edmonton