Sunday, August 14, 2005

I forgot something?

JN left a comment on my last post:

You forget, that for a true conservative, individual rights and freedoms are only for them personally and not others, who might use those freedoms to oppose conservatives.

We are, in the eyes of conservatives, free to conform in any way we wish.

He's correct, as usual.

What's really depressing about it is the fact that the party that should be providing a credible alternative to the governing Liberals are continually missing opportunities left and right to tell Canadians how they would be different or better than the Liberals.

Instead, we have Harper running around the "party BBQ circuit", gladhanding the faithful and leaving most Canadians baffled. Little bits continue to dribble out about the Grewal Tapes - an affair so bungled that not only must we assume that Harper's Conservatives are crooked, but inept as well.

As a voter, I can only suppose that the Conservatives are in fact the inept, narrow-minded, petty bigots that the Reform/Alliance party represented - so far they have done little to convince me otherwise - in spite of a plethora of opportunities to do so.


Anonymous said...

I suspect much of the lack of attempt to show themselves as an alternative to the Grits stems from the fact that the party is run by those from Alberta. Alberta Tories just aren't used to having to prove themselves to people, since the Alberta electorate seems to be more than willing to be lead down the garden path by these people. The problem the federal Tories have is that people outside of Alberta aren't so easily lead.

As an example, in Alberta a politician walks up to a door (meaning s/he's not a Tory, since they don't bother campaigning) and is told thanks but no thanks, the household is Tory. In Ontario, a politician walks up to the door and is asked questions like what is your party going to do about X or Y and perhaps I'll vote for you, perhaps I won't.

The second voter predominates outside of Alberta. The Alberta Tories have no clue how to deal with someone who isn't blindly supportive of them.

If they don't learn soon, the new Conservative party will at best do as well as its Reform/Alliance past.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget - he is not just running around the BBQ Party circuit, he is running around wearing the latest S&M fashions.